Thursday, October 29, 2009


Rain+good weather+watching mushrooms in the market=going to search for mushroom. Dressing up for the freezing morning, then sweating in the sunshine, walked around the border of Fityeház we collected about 3kgs of Parasol mushrooms. Lunch for the first taste, then the main thing wil be on the weekend.

Hey, we like mushrooms!



From now on I'm on facebook, too, I'm spreading on the Internet.

The goal is world domination, of course.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Budapest,you wonderful

The last week was for Budapest, we went to watch the A.C. Milan match with Frodo's on wednesday, and with my pal Tamás to the Traffic Museum (and for a walk, and a meeting) on friday. Both journey were great, Igor did its best on the way to/from the match, the average speed of 120km/h didn't matter. OK, I know... but it's a 26 years old vehicle.
On saturday we took part on the Day of the town with fiends.
So this week was full of happenings, but it was good as it was.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Forza Milan

A fresh picture, I just arrived home.

Hungarian league team - AC Milan  2:5

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Discovery+ISS - Space day II.

Pictures have been taken today (The Discovery is far from the ISS, already, so I could capture them in two photos, poorly).



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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Space day

13 people in space in same time. It's 8 hours as the second hungarian is on his way for the second time, and he is the first space tourist who has second trip. So, the Soyuz TMA-14 is on way to the International Space Station, the Discovery with the crew of STS-119 is back to home and the ISS between guests.

Those who are above our head (Was there any time when there were 13  in same time?):


Lee Archambault

Tony Antonelli

Joe Acaba

John Phillips

Steve Swanson

Ricky Arnold

Sandra Magnus

Soyuz TMA-14:

Gennady Padalka,

Michael Barratt

Charles Simonyi

ISS Expedition 18:

Mike Fincke

Yury Lonchakov

Koichi Wakata

And as the opportunity was at hand in evening at 19:30 we watched with the family as the Discovery leaded the ISS , and ran over the sky above us.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

That missed - Igor eats

Visiting relatives. On the weekend of 15th of March.

That was an adventure, of course, Friday 13.

Papa-mama into the car, go to Kesztölc, to the relatives. But poor Igor thought that in different way, it just lost power and then blowed out its mind after the köröshegy bridge. Oli level: NILL. Didn't it eat it!? And of course, the spare oil laughed here in the garage in its nice silver can. So Zolika had to be hitchhiker on the speedway for the first time in his live. Big thank you to the gentleman with the Renault Thalia (here's the place of adv.) and to the tank truck driver who made the car-Balatonboglár gas station route possible to me. So the oil question became solved, but Igor still had no power, so brought him to check. Right, riding with 2 cylinders instead of 4 is not a rush. But this problem had been solved, too, the russian technic ran like a rocket.

At our relatives we ate-drank a lot, went out into the forest, played poker until late nights, and at last, I could see the Matrix 2 in slovak language! :D After all, I can tell that this trip was positive.

But the point is: NOWHERE on 13rd, Friday.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tim Burton's: The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy

I got the poems of my favorite movie magician. Sour humor, original illustrations, full Burton-feeling.
Can read here.

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See,the world is colour!

The goodness dieing, the beauty is crumbling.

We run away in the next of them, can't recognise them. The man fade into frugality, can't see by itself, have to make it to see. And that's problem. If others make us see then we can't see that in their reality, not from our point of view, the reality become fiction. But fiction is valueless, can exist only in dreams. The grey means everything against us, and against that make us real, against own thoughts, against own opinion, to can see, to can REALISE, SEE without anybody else. This is the value. Dare to be different, see, make opinion freely. Create reality into the unreality. Colours instead of grey.

Beauty. Ourselves.


The Prodigy + Client

The new studio album of The Prodigy came out on the 23rd of February by the title of Invaders must die. Yes, they really die because of this, and others, too when I listen to it on the top volume. So I don't make it too loud, I enjoy the music in the discrete loneliness of my headphones. This music fly me back to 1992, the guys have begun then, and I shaped up my taste of music then (or spoiled it).
But really, the guys show us, again, after the last album -that sounded strangely- they brought back the original "Prodigy feeling". The bonus DVD is just the cream on the top of the cake.
Get it, make opinion!

The Client album came out on 6th of March, the first taste of it is great. The first video from the album:

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